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   The Lauren-Reilly Eliot Company was formed in Lafayette, Louisiana in 2012. Our passion is to produce compelling, high quality work that will provide sustenance to the community. We are committed to challenging and transforming lives, to enrich and enlighten through engaging Theatre and Film.


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Lauren Rockwell, Cooper Helm, Reilly Helm

Cooper Helm (Owner/Operator) Co-Founded the Lauren-Reilly Eliot Company in 2012. He is a Director, Actor, Set Designer, Sound Designer, Producer and Acting Instructor with LRE. He began his career in Baton Rouge. There he did many productions at Theatre Baton Rouge; He acting in numerous productions, as well was the Technical Director for a time. He also directed and performed at Baker Little Theatre and BREC Independence Park Theatre. Cooper moved back o Lafayette in 2010.  In 2012 he booked Cite des Arts to Direct Buried Child. It was received well. Since then, LRE has produced 26 shows and has taught 15 Adult Acting Classes. It's been one heck of an experience he maintains. And he loves working in the Acadiana community. Some of Cooper's past productions are Death of a Salesman, Fences, The Sound of Music, Pajama Game, Closer, A Chorus Line, American Buffalo, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, A Streetcar Names Desire, Zoo Story, Deathtrap, The Games Afoot and The House of Blue Leaves. In his spare time he does film Acting. For details visit his IMDB page.

Experience the magic of Lauren Reilly Entertainment (LRE) Founded in 2012, LRE is your go-to Entertainment company delivering unforgettable performances. Join us and be enthralled by the power of the arts

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